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The Best Nike Lead Glasses

Working in an environment with excessive radiation can be scary. Not only do you need to worry about whether you are being fully protected, but you need to do the best job possible in front of you. In this article, you will find the best Nike lead glasses.

This is especially true in the medical sector. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, or some other medical professional, you need to protect yourself and deliver outstanding care for all of your patients. In other words, you need to have the best equipment and accessories when you are in situations with high levels of radiation.

For instance, if you wear glasses, you’ll need to find eyewear that offers stellar protection from radiation and lets you see extremely clearly. Because of this, we want to highlight one of our best collections of radiation safety glasses. It is the AttenuTech Nike Radiation Safety Glasses collection. Whether you are buying your first pair of radiation safety glasses or your next pair, this collection will meet your expectations.

An Outstanding Line of Radiation Safety Glasses

At AttenuTech, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the best radiation protection in high-risk surgical and interventional procedure environments. Our goal is to continuously offer the highest-quality products and services so our customers can do their best possible work.

The AttenuTech Nike Radiation Safety Glasses line certainly falls into that camp. Ultimately, these radiation safety glasses mix style and comfort. Specifically, they are a stellar combination of original Nike frames with German-made distortion-free SF-6 Schott Glass Radiation-reducing lenses. With .75 millimeter lead equivalency, you will be well-protected in challenging environments.

Looking at the AttenuTech store, you can see that there are plenty of radiation safety glasses that you can select. Having said this, we want to focus on two specific models in the AttenuTech Nike Radiation Safety Glasses. Once we believe, they below to the best Nike lead glasses. They are the Nike Brazen Boost M Radiation Glasses and the Nike Brazen Shadow Radiation Glasses. 

Nike Brazen Boost Radiation Glasses

Let’s start with the Nike Brazen Boost Radiation Glasses. These radiation safety glasses let you work hard and remain comfortable at the same time. The frames on this pair are approximately 135 millimeters wide and the bridge is 19 millimeters. The lens height is 37 millimeters and the lens width is 55 millimeters.

With the Nike Brazen Boost Radiation model, you get features like a rubber nosepad. This rubber nosepad is a huge help if you’re wearing these glasses all day. Simply put, they make the glasses extremely comfortable. You can spend less time adjusting your glasses and more time doing the important work in front of you. Not only that, but these glasses are extremely stylish. They come in a sleek rectangular frame design and you can find the frames in several different colors. Those colors include matte dark obsidian and matte black. 

Nike Brazen Shadow Radiation Glasses

This line of radiation safety glasses is an outstanding choice for both men and women. For the Nike Brazen Shadow Radiation Glasses, you also get distortion-free SF-6 Schott Glass Radiation reducing lenses, ensuring that your eyes have plenty of protection when you’re on the job. Rubber temples ensure that you are extremely comfortable when wearing these glasses. 

As for aesthetics, this line of radiation safety glasses is extremely stylish. Like the Nike Brazen Boost Radiation, you’ll see that this frame is plastic and has a rectangular shape design. You will find this model in colors like matte el dorado, matte black/white, matte anthracite/grey, matte dark obsidian, and matte dark grey/black. 

Protect Yourself Today

Radiation safety glasses are an extremely important way of protecting yourself in high radiation environments. Whether you are an x-ray technician, nurse, or any other medical professional, you will certainly want to invest in this type of equipment. Doing so will give you the proper amount of eye protection so that you can focus on doing the best work possible. You can find more options to get the best Nike lead glasses here.

To learn more about these two types of radiation safety glasses (and the other radiation safety glasses that we offer in our store), please visit our website. You can also call (800)-757-2703 to get in touch with us.

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