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How Thick Should a Thyroid Shield Be During Fluoroscopy?

As you likely know, fluoroscopy is an extremely important procedure. It lets physicians look at all kinds of body systems, including things like the respiratory system, skeletal system, digestive system, and more. Through this procedure, you and your colleagues can save patients’ lives.

That being said, you and your patients need to protect themselves from radiation during fluoroscopy. Simply put, you need to look after your patients’ health and your own health. A thyroid shield can offer some great protection, but you want to ensure that your thyroid shield has enough protection during these procedures.

In this post, we want to discuss the thickness of thyroid shields and what you should be looking for when purchasing your thyroid shields. With this information, you can make the best possible choice and protect yourself and your patients at the same time.

Analyzing the Thickness of Thyroid Shields

Simply put, the standard protection for thyroid shields is 0.5mm PB lead equivalency. This type of protection will go a long way in protecting your thyroid during fluoroscopy.

At AttenuTech, we understand the importance of this standard. Looking at the thyroid shields in our store, you can see that we carry three thyroid shield styles. Each of these styles provides the maximum protection for both patients and medical staff.

Standard Quickship Thyroid Collar

For instance, looking at our store, you can find the Standard Quickship Thyroid Collar. Looking at this thyroid shield, you can see that it has 0.5mm PB lead equivalency. But along with this, you will find that this thyroid shield is extremely comfortable to wear. It has an easy collar and comes in seven colors, including blue, gray, green, and more. With a traditional look and velcro straps to assure quick application, you’ll find this thyroid collar to be a terrific choice.

AttenuTech Thyroid Shield

You can also find the ideal thickness of thyroid shields in some of our other thyroid collars. There is the AttenuTech Thyroid Shield, for instance, which contains a lead equivalency of 0.5mm PB. You’ll also find that this model covers more of the neck area than a standard thyroid collar. With velcro closure, you will find this thyroid collar in six colors (like green, red, and black).

SteriTouch Antimicrobial Thyroid Collar

Then, there is the SteriTouch Antimicrobial Thyroid Collar. Once again, you’ll find that this thyroid collar contains 0.5mm PB lead equivalency and velcro straps. That said, this thyroid collar is made from SteriTouch material. This material lowers the risk of infection and is more resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and UV exposure. In nine colors and patterns, you’ll find a design that you love.

Protecting Yourself From Radiation

You’ll find that thyroid collars with 0.5mm PB lead equivalency will provide you with the most protection. Whether you are completing one fluoroscopy or several, these thyroid collars can protect you and feel comfortable at the same time.

If you would like to view the thyroid shields in our collection, please click here. You can also contact us at 800-757-2703 with any questions.

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