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How to pick the correct lead apron size

Our team at AttenuTech is constantly working to equip our customers with top tier protection for themselves and their patients. That being said, half of the battle with radiation gear is wearing and positioning it properly to fully protect the wearer. Honestly, purchasing radiation aprons with the correct level of protection and quality is daunting in itself. Understandably, add that on top of trying to find the proper size, and many customers can get overwhelmed. Thankfully, here at AttenuTech, we have made it our mission to make the ordering and sizing process as streamlined and easy as possible. So here you will find how to pick the correct lead apron size.

Choose your lead apron style

First, head on over to AttenuTech’s comprehensive lead apron collection page. Here, you will find our carefully curated selection of lead aprons for a variety of environments. Select the lead apron and you see a “sizing guide” option on the listing. Then, click on the sizing guide to check out how to purchase the perfect fit. In fact, the general measurements for lead aprons are your bust, waist, and hips. Then, grab a tape measure and quickly get your proportions if you are purchasing the apron for yourself. If you are purchasing the apron for your patients, use their dimensions. We recommend our customers purchase lead aprons in each size to ensure they have proper coverage for all of their patient’s body types.

Check Our Lead Apron Size Guide

Our sizing guide breaks down how to measure for both types of lead aprons including one piece and two piece lead aprons. For one piece, measure the length from the highest point of your trapezius to the top of your knee. For the two pieces, measure the length from the highest point of your trapezius to 2” below your waist for the vest lead apron. Also, for the two pieces, measure the length from your waist to the top of your knee for the skirt. Our sizing guide also includes both male and female measurement charts to allow for additionally perfect fits. Please also feel free to contact us for sizing that exceeds a 2XL, as we can direct you to the best options.

Customize Your Lead Apron!

Finally, after using the sizing guide to determine the best fit for you, proceed to click “BUY”. This will direct you to customize your lead apron to your specific needs. These options include core material, protection level, gender, and size. Additionally, we are proud to be able to offer exciting and creative customization options such as inside fabric color, outside fabric color, binding color, and embroidery options. These options are all easy to navigate and select.

We are excited to proud you with our process in how to pick the correct lead apron size, with the best options for lead aprons at Attenutech

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