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The benefits of adding an anti-fog coating to your lead radiation glasses

As many of our customers know, clear and uninhibited vision is important in all work segments. Having clear and accurate sight improves the accuracy and precision of your work. However, this is exceptionally important for those that work in medical segments. As a leader in radiation protection equipment, Attenutech caters to those that need radiation lead glasses. Both men and women alike that work in medical segments with x-rays need lead glasses. A common disturbance for these glasses wearers is dealing with the fogging of their lenses.

Many factors can cause your glasses to fog. In fact, cold weather, exercise, cooking, and more can create fog problems for those who wear glasses. For medical personnel, the problem often occurs from wearing face masks. Additionally, medical workers often need to work in temperature-controlled environments. These changes in temperature can cause fogging and severely affect vision. While everyday people may just consider fogging to be an unimportant nuisance, it can have serious consequences. If your lenses fog while using x-ray machinery or working with chemicals, the result can be disastrous. Adding a reliable anti-fog coating to your glasses can help to prevent this dangerous risk.

Of course, adding an anti-fog coating to your lead safety glasses will provide the same benefits as having anti-fog coating on your regular glasses. However, medical workers in lab, office, and hospital environments are who Attenutech strives to cater to with anti-fog coating on lead glasses. After decades in the radiation equipment industry, Attenutech knows how important it is to have clear vision while dealing with a patient. Full line of vision is essential while working with patients during a consultation or a procedure. 

At Attenutech, the anti-fog coating is a permanent fog solution. This is what makes it stand out from other solutions such as anti-fog wipes which are temporary and unreliable. Also, if you have anti-fog coating added, it is extremely important to take care of your lead glasses. This means cleaning them and storing them properly. Attenutech provides care guidelines with the purchase of all lead safety glasses, and these will assure the best performance. Anti-fog coating in addition to the proper care of your radiation glasses will contribute to the longevity and protection your glasses offer and extend their lifetime.

Fogging is an inevitable reality while wearing glasses. Glasses fog up because moisture that’s naturally in the air condenses. However, this does not mean that you should not take the steps in order to prevent this. Attenutech welcomes all medical workers in the radiation safety industry to purchase their new lead glasses with anti-fog coating added! Check our collection of radiation safety glasses today to help keep your eyes protected and your vision clear!

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