Attenutech unveils 5 new styles Nike lead radiation glasses - Attenutech

Attenutech unveils 5 new styles Nike lead radiation glasses

Lately, Attenutech is working to further expand their line of lead glasses for radiation protection. As a leader in the radiation protective equipment segment, it is extremely important for Attenutech to provide the best lead protection options on the market. This includes supplying customers with some of the most well-loved brands on the market. Many brands have made a name for themselves by their ability to provide exceptional products time and time again. One of these brands is Nike. Attenutech is now providing several new lead radiation glasses for men and women. Attenutech equips these glasses with Nike brand frames. They are making waves with medical workers across many segments.

Many consumers know that Nike is an iconic force in the sports and athletic wear industry. Many do not know however that Nike has also made a name for itself in the optical safety segment. In fact, Nike as a company has done this by providing quality eyewear that provides comfort, style, and unmatched safety. Attenutech’s seasoned team of experts has recognized the high-quality grade of Nike’s safety frames and utilized them for functional and stylish lead glasses.  Nike has amassed a devoted following of consumers. Attenutech knows that these consumers rely on the quality of their Nike product. This is why Attenutech is thrilled to be an official distributor of Nike in order to maintain the integrity of Nike’s frames.

It is understandable to want to avoid knock off or off brand Nike lead glasses. This is why you should purchase them from licensed distributors such as Attenutech. Many of Attenutech’s customers that love to buy Nike radiation glasses are medical staff. This is because the Nike lead glasses are stylish and come in many color options that staffers can utilize to show off their individual style while at work. The glasses are all also lightweight and comfortable. This means that employees that wear them all day while they work on their feet can rest assured of a comfortable fit. The extremely high-quality material that Nike radiation glasses are made out of such as TR-90 Nylon, polycarbonate, and metals keep these lead glasses extremely durable.

Attenutech merges their Nike Radiation glasses with SF-6 Schoth glass lenses. This means that the collection now offers a radiation protection level of 0.75mmpB lead equivalency. This is lifesaving protection in any medical environment against the dangerous effects of radiation exposure. The wear is protection from the harmful effects of scatter radiation in segments that involve x-rays. This wide range of Nike lead glasses also includes added benefits when they are ordered from In fact, the excellent benefits of Attenutech are the customization options they offer. Almost all Nike lead glasses can have your personalized prescription added to the lenses. In addition, they offer a wide range of prescription lenses, colors, and coatings. This enables the customer to have the best prescription radiation glasses for all-day use with the high quality of a Nike product.

These same benefits are present in Attenutech’s newly added Nike lead glasses styles. These new frames offer up the perfect fit for those in a wide variety of environments, no matter what their specific needs are. Read on to discover 5 of the best new Nike Lead Glasses carried by Attenutech!

Nike Maverick Rise Radiation Glasses

The Nike Maverick lead glasses are some of the most popular frames we carry for medical staff. These frames offer up all day comfort. They’re also exceptionally lightweight and easy to take around with you throughout the day. They come in five stylish colors and offer up a rounded modern look. They block out the harmful effects of radiation while maintaining high quality protection. The phasic frames offer a trendy look while not compromising on quality.

Nike 7286 Radiation Glasses

The Nike 7286 lead glasses are some of the most versatile Nike glasses Attenutech carries. This is because they transition so easily into everyday glasses. Adding your prescription to these is ideal as they look like regular reading glasses. Available in four colors, these glasses offer a protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency. They have a thinner frame that is great for all day comfort and protection against radiation particles.

Nike Flo Radiation Glasses

The Nike Flo radiation glasses are perfect for customers that love the look of the Nike 7286 frames, but prefer a sturdier feeling frame. These glasses are a thicker rounded and modern looking shaper. Also, they still offer exceptional protection against lead equivalency up to .75mm Pb.

Nike Dawn Ascent Radiation Glasses

The Nike Dawn Ascent is one of the most popular Nike frames across the board. These glasses transition excellently into radiation glasses because of their durability and ultra-protective design. While providing top tier protection against lead radiation from x-rays, these glasses are a rounded shape that is popular for both men and women. Also, these frames are perfect for indoor medical segments and comfortable for all day wear.

Nike Wave Radiation Glasses

These round Nike glasses are well loved by x-ray technicians and doctors in many segments. They offer up complete clarity in order to help accuracy while on the job. Therefore, Attenutech is proud to carry these popular and stylish glasses that provide the wearer with up to .75mm Pd lead equivalency protection.

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