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How to clean your radiation safety glasses

Congratulations on purchasing your new radiation lead glasses from Attenutech! Lately, many consumers that work in medical segments have put their trust in Attenutech to provide lead glasses that are ultra-protective in X-Ray environments. While Attenutech strives to only provide customers with glasses that are high quality and durable, it is still important for our customers to maintain and take care of their radiation glasses. Doing so extends the life and functionality of the lenses and frames. This is so important due to the nature of lead glasses. They work to protect the wearer against the harmful effects of x-rays on the eyes.

The care and cleaning of lead glasses is also dependent on the types of coatings you have added to the lenses of your lead glasses. While it’s important to clean your glasses even if they only have your regular prescription added on to them, they must be cleaned with even greater care if you have added a coating to your lead safety glasses. There are slight variations in cleaning methods for several different lead glasses options. Read on to discover Attenutech’s tips and tricks for cleaning lead glasses of all types.

Radiation glasses are personal protective equipment for the reduction of scatter radiation from X-rays in many medical environments. This PPE is offered in five different protection options. These options refer to the lead equivalency that the lenses offer against scatter radiation. All five of these protection levels can be cared for with the following care and cleaning instructions.

For basic uncoated lenses, or lenses that simply just have your eyeglasses prescription added to them, you can clean them with an anti-bacterial detergent or hand soap. Always ensure that the soap or detergents you use do not have any type of microbead or exfoliant in them. In fact, that can be extremely abrasive on your lenses and cause scratches to occur. Gently rub the lenses in straight lines under clear, running water. Finally, dry the lenses with a soft, lint free cloth. However, you can also alternatively use an alcohol-based lens wipe to do the disinfecting and cleaning.

Also, if you have added an anti-fog coating to your lead glasses, you can clean them the same way as the regular prescription lenses. However, it is important to note that with the anti-fog coating, you may not use any alcohol-based wipes as an alternative to detergent. This is because the alcohol can break down or degrade the anti-fog coating and cause it to distort or rub entirely away from the glass of the lens. Dry your anti-fog coating glasses with a microfiber cloth.

If you have anti-reflective coating added to your glasses, you also may not use alcohol-based wipes to clean them. It will degrade the anti-reflective coating in the same way that it would degrade the anti-fog coating. However, you may use a gentle anti-bacterial detergent on them. Dry the anti-reflective coated glasses with a soft, lint-free cloth. For all three of the above-mentioned glasses, there are several rules to keep in mind. Do not autoclave them, never use ammonia or chlorine-based cleaners, and never clean them in circular motions.

Additionally, further care for your radiation lead glasses means storing them properly. Attenutech recommends placing your glasses in their case every time you take them off. Also, always place your glasses in the case facing upward so that they are not lens down. Do not leave your glasses in a hot area such as inside of your car. This is because this can cause them to warp. Keep them away from vanities, sinks, or areas in your working environment that have the risk of them getting splashes by corrosive substances. Always use your hard case for your lead glasses.

Wear your glasses properly to extend their life. This means avoiding putting them on top of your head. The top of your head is generally wider than your face and can inadvertently cause you to widen your frames. Additionally, do not push the glasses on the nose piece as this motion can distort the nose piece. Instead, adjust the nosepiece before placing the glasses on your face.

Keep these great tips and tricks for the care and maintenance of your lead glasses in mind while using them! Attenutech is dedicated to providing customers the utmost support for the lifetime of their lead radiation glasses. Check out Attenutech’s carefully curated line of lead radiation glasses today!

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