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The 5 Best Oakley Radiation Safety Glasses

Oakley is a well known and loved brand across many optical segments. Customers have devotion for Oakley’s sunglasses, athletic glasses, shooting glasses, and more! Therefore, Attenutech is proud to showcase their carefully curated collection of Lead Glasses for men and women by Oakley. Oakley has the admiration of many fans when it comes to their prescription eyewear. This is for a good reason as Oakley has earned this reputation through decades of quality protection and customer service.  It is one of the most prominent brands in the optical segment.  This is because their frames are great, lightweight, comfortable, durable, and stylish. Attenutech’ s seasoned team of radiation safety experts has worked on providing this excellent collection of lead radiation safety glasses.

While Oakley glasses are available through several different online vendors, we are happy to offer added benefits when purchasing Oakley lead glasses through Attenutech. Attenutech has merged the official Oakley frames collection with their SF-6 Schoth glass lenses. This means that the collection now offers a radiation protection level of 0.75mmpB lead equivalency. This is lifesaving protection in any medical environment against the dangerous effects of radiation exposure.

Additionally, Attenutech offers the option to add your personal eyeglasses prescription to any pair of their Oakley radiation glasses. This means that your vision will be 100% clear and accurate while you work with x-rays. Also, Attenutech is an officially licensed Oakley distributor and proud to carry real, high quality Oakley prescription lead gradation glasses for men and women.

When you buy Oakley lead glasses through, you have the added benefit of our experienced customer care team. Additionally, you are able to add customizations to the lenses of your Oakley frames that other companies do not offer. These lens coatings are useful tools for medical professionals in any environment.  However, you can also purchase them as non-prescription and add the anti-reflective and anti-fog coating. This helps to provide ultimate protection and comfort for your eyes.

At Attenutech, we are excited to provide you with the best of the best lead radiation frames. These frames, lenses, and glasses are carefully selected to be a part of our collection. Attenutech provides radiation safety that is durable and high quality. These radiation lead safety glasses are also available at an affordable price point. Read on to see five of our favorite Oakley radiation lead safety glasses at Attenutech!

Oakley Leadline Radiation Safety Glasses

These radiation glasses by Oakley are the ideal way to wear a pair of radiation glasses that blend in with your everyday look. They have a simple, classic, round shape. The Oakley Leadline Radiation Glasses can have your prescription added to them. You can leave the job, and head straight into everyday life without changing them. Also, the Oakley Lead Leadline is a lightweight O-Matter frame that is comfortable for all day use. They come in four great colors, and are extremely durable and protective.

Oakley Holbrook Radiation Safety Glasses

The Oakley Holbrook are one of Oakley’s most iconic frames. They are a bestseller due to their tried-and-true style. As lead safety glasses, these frames are even more protective. They have a lead protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency. They are also available in three great colors. Their square silhouette provides complete optical protection.

Oakley Gascan Radiation Safety Glasses

If you’re looking for radiation safety glasses in a wrap around style, one of the best Oakley frames on the market is the Gascan. Also, Attenutech is proud to carry these sport frames as lead radiation protective glasses. They are streamlined to be comfortable and protective. Our customers wear them all day with excellent results. Offering full protection against radiation exposure, the Oakley Gascan is the choice of many medical professionals.

Oakley Turbine Radiation Safety Glasses

If you like the look and feel of lead safety glasses that are wrap around, the Oakley Turbine frames might be the ones for you. They offer a bit of a wider lens size for added protection. They are perfect for those looking for radiation protection from a wrap around frame with a wider area of coverage. Providing up to .75mm Pb lead equivalency, these glasses have withstood the test of time in radiation environments.

Oakley Sylas Radiation Safety Glasses

The Oakley Sylas radiation safety frames are a thinner rectangular pair of glasses. They are ultra-protective in radiation segment’s as they have a wide protective lens. The lightweight, thin frame makes them exceptionally comfortable.  These lead glasses are made from distortion-free SF-6 Schott glass lenses and offer a protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency.

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