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A Full Review of the Nike Brazen Lead Glasses for Radiation Protection

Here at Attenutech, we commit ourselves to gearing up our customers in radiation environments with the best possible protection. We are a company that provides the best radiation protection in high-risk surgical environments. Therefore, Attenutech’s commitment to providing x-ray protection for men and women has naturally extended to optical safety. In fact, it has its own carefully curated line of radiation safety glasses for medical personnel in all settings. The frames in the lead glasses collection work perfectly for medical procedures, hospitals, and labs. The frames and lenses are from Attenutech’s team of radiation protection experts. With the mission to provide the best solutions available for radiation protection, all optical safety options they provide are high-quality and highly protective.

Attenutech provides customers with the best brands in the optical safety segment in order to stock their lead radiation glasses. The best of the best in terms of protection and style is understood by many to be Nike. While shopping Attenutech’s Nike lead glasses collection, you have the benefit of assistance from their growing team of trained and experienced manufacturing professionals. Their goal is to provide affordable and applicable solutions through state-of-the-art technologies and modern equipment. They are highly skilled in order to help you choose the best Nike radiation glasses for your own personal needs. Nike radiation glasses are one of the favorite brands by Attenutech’s customers when it comes to lead glasses. This is due to them being lightweight, comfortable and stylish.

Attenutech constantly strives for total customer satisfaction. This is why it is always our main objective and top priority to provide customers with radiation eye protection that have .75mm Pb lead equivalency. Nike lead Brazen glasses have this. This is why we are proud to offer our line of Nike radiation lead glasses. The Nike Brazen radiation lead glasses are some of the most popular glasses in our collection. In fact, they are among the most trusted by medical personnel and staff. Nike glasses have a wide range of colors, which is why the Nike Brazen is so popular among those that work in radiation susceptible environments.

Nike eyewear delivers quality protection that provides comfort, style, and unmatched safety. The Nike Brazen radiation glasses are a wraparound rectangular frame made of high-quality TR-90 Nylon. As with all Nike lead glasses, the Brazen has SF-6 Schott glass radiation reducing lenses. They are available in matte black and military blue. There are several different styles of the Nike Brazen Lead Radiation glasses. The Classic Nike Brazen, Nike Brazen Shadow, Nike Brazen Fuel, and Nike Brazen Boost. These glasses all provide excellent scatter radiation protection, but come in slightly different styles, sizes, and colors. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose the glasses that will be just right for your segment.

The Nike Brazen is extremely comfortable for workers to wear all day long. This frame is a great alternative for medical staff that work the entire day with radiation equipment, but still want a pair of frames that offers style, comfort, and protection. If you purchase your Nike Brazen glasses at Attenutech, you have the benefit of adding your prescription and any lens coatings you may want.  The Nike Brazen frame is prescription available. Consumers also have the option to purchase them as non-prescription, and instead add anti-fog and anti-reflective coatings.

The Nike Brazen radiation glasses are excellent protection in segments with radiation exposure. They block out the harmful effects of radiation while maintaining high quality protection. Check out the Nike Brazen radiation lead glasses for men and women today at Attenutech!

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