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Attenutech’s New Line of Precision Skin Marking and Labeling Systems or Lead Markers

Attenutech is proud to carry a line of Precision Skin Markers, or lead markers, for use in radiation environments. In fact, these lead markers work as a skin marking and labeling system for medical professionals. They help to label and indicate areas to doctors and technicians during radiation procedures. This helps for more precise diagnosing. Also, there are ranges of markers that highlight specific areas of skin to facilitate diagnostic imaging. These markers include Mammography Markers, MRI Skin Markers, radiation therapy Markers, Dental Radiopaque Markers, Breast tomosynthesis Markers, CT Imaging Markers, Mole Markers, Nipple Markers, Metal-Free semi-lucent markers, scar tissue wire, bb markers, Cross Reference and lead wire markers.

Attenutech is happy to offer this line of high-quality lead markers to our customers for more accurate scans and diagnosing. The different types of skin markers address the needs of technologists and doctors and help radiologists understand what they are seeing and where they should focus their attention. Skin markers often feature adhesive that allows them to go on the patient’s body prior to imaging and they are often disposable which is a sanitary alternative to permanent conventional x-ray Markers and reduces the risk of infection. Attenutech’s line of lead markers are the Suremark brand. In fact, Attenutech has a carefully curated line of Suremark Precision Skin Marking and Labeling Systems.

Suremark is a brand that has expanded its quality product line to now include professional labeling systems. These systems tailor to the communication needs of doctors, nurses, and technologists. Our labeling systems are the result of requests from medical professionals to create a superior line of labels to satisfy their film and filing needs. Also, Attenutech is proud to say that these markers are affordable for our customers. Despite their superior performance, Suremark labels are easy on your budget. Suremark has uncovered numerous ways to improve efficiency, resulting in substantial savings over competing brands. With value and quality in mind, Attenutech believes these are the right lead markers for our customers’ needs.

Many of our lead marker systems offer great benefits to our customers. In fact, the Suremark Clearline Leaded X-Ray Markers are semi-lucent scar markers. Also, the Clearline markers are low-density scar markers that provide distinct outlining of scars and other areas of concern without obscuring micro-calcifications in mammography. These markers are non-metallic and specifically eliminate scatter in CT applications. Additionally, the Suremark Double-Sided Foam Tape is ideal for fastening film makers to cassettes. Also, the Suremark Convenient Box Holder holds five standard boxes, or two R and L boxes. The Box Holder goes on a desktop or mounted to a wall or imaging machine.

Another great item is the Suremark PortalMark Leaded X-Ray Marker. These offer additional options for delineating radiation treatment areas. The PortalMark labels are made with premium medical-grade adhesive hypo-allergenic and latex-free, resulting in less irritation for the patient. The Suremark labels are waterproof yet breathable material for maximum performance and comfort that hold strong for up to two weeks. Its unique Suregrip applicator discs ensure easy and accurate placement without contaminating the adhesive.

All of these items are excellent quality and ideal for radiation medical environment needs. Head to to browse the entire range of Skin Marking and Labeling Systems.

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