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The Proper Ways of Storing Your Lead Aprons Using Racks and Hangers

After purchasing your lead aprons from Attenutech, you should always properly store them to prevent damage or creasing. In fact, by properly storing this medical equipment, you can extend its lifetime by triple. Aprons need to properly hang on a rack or hanger. In fact, this rack or hanger must be specifically for protective apron […]

Choosing the correct x-ray apron material

Radiation shielding garments are extremely important. In fact, they can be used to protect medical patients and staff from radiation in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and dental offices.  Radiation safeguard garments can incorporate vests, skirts, kilts, and thyroid safeguards. In this article, we’ll be explicitly discussing x-ray aprons. So keep reading. Ultimately, […]

How often should you check your radiation gloves and lead aprons for cracks?

When investing in high quality radiation gear, medical professionals and patients alike want to make sure their gear stays in excellent shape. Investing time, money, and care on high-quality protection means that buyers want the most life out of their radiation equipment. In fact, given the extremely important role of radiation PPE, it is fundamental […]

Discover the best X-Ray Lead Gowns for You

X-Ray lead gowns, or Lead aprons as many refer to them, are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) in many medical segments. In fact, X-Ray lead gowns protect both the doctor, technician, or patient in instances where there is direct or potential radiation exposure. X-Ray lead gowns or lead aprons are for  medical […]

Attenutech’s Lead Apron Cleaners Collection Review

At Attenutech, we are a company that provides the best radiation protection in high-risk surgical environments. This means taking out customers and their patient’s safety seriously. This is why our seasoned customer care team has rigorous training to understand the best gear in the industry. With our specific expertise in radiation safety, our team educates […]

Attenutech releases new lead apron cleaning solutions

Across the radiation medical segment, medical staff have the constant need for good cleaning solutions for their protective radiation gear. This happens in operating rooms, doctors’ offices, and labs alike. In fact, one of the biggest problems with medical equipment that passes from patient to patient is the constant need to keep this gear clean […]

How to pick the correct lead apron size

Our team at AttenuTech is constantly working to equip our customers with top tier protection for themselves and their patients. That being said, half of the battle with radiation gear is wearing and positioning it properly to fully protect the wearer. Honestly, purchasing radiation aprons with the correct level of protection and quality is daunting […]

Why lead dental aprons are important

At AttenuTech, we take pride in our commitment to providing the best radiation protection. We cater to those who work in high-risk surgical and Interventional procedure environments. We take our customers’ radiation protection seriously. This is why we commit ourselves to delivering the most protective and high-quality radiation protection on the market. In fact, one […]

What is a Lead-Free Apron for Radiation Protection?

Whether you regularly work with radiation or are taking on a new job that requires you to do so, it is absolutely critical to wear protective gear. Even in small doses, radiation can be extremely harmful (even fatal). Because of this, you and your colleagues need to make all necessary investments to protect yourself in […]

How Much Does a Lead Apron Weigh?

Lead aprons are critical pieces of equipment when working with radiation. Whether you are completing an x-ray, fluoroscopy, or something else, a lead apron can protect you from long-term health issues. When looking at lead aprons, however, you may have several questions. For starters, you may wonder how they actually work. But going beyond the […]

How to Clean Your Lead Apron and Thyroid Shield

When you are working with radiation, it is absolutely critical to ensure that you are wearing the most protective equipment. That being said, it’s easy to forget that you need to maintain that equipment. While you may purchase the best possible radiation safety equipment on the market, you must also ensure that your equipment is […]


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