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How to select the right Leaded Glasses for Fluoroscopy

Discover everything you need to know to select the right leaded glasses for fluoroscopy and other radiation procedures.

Are you a physician that performs Interventional procedures utilizing fluoroscopy (either fixed mounted in a Fluoroscopy room, or C-Arm)? If the answer is yes, then you are most certainly wearing radiation safety glasses during your procedures to protect your eyes, as is generally accepted, and encouraged in Interventional procedure circles.

So, what type of physician are you? Are you an Interventional Radiologist performing declots on dialysis grafts? Are you a Vascular Surgeon performing TAVR aortic value replacements in a hybrid surgery suite? Perhaps you are a busy Interventional Cardiologist performing diagnostic heart caths? Then again, you may even be an Anesthesiologist, or even a Physiatrist performing pain blocks in a pain management outpatient center. Point is that there are many physician specialties performing procedures that utilize fluoroscopy, and your choice of the right leaded glasses is important, for you as an individual and trusted caregiver.

Even though this article is entitled, “Selecting the right leaded glasses for fluoroscopy”, it could have just as easily been entitled, “Choosing the correct leaded glasses”, or “Choosing the right radiation safety glasses for me (as an individual)”. This is because everyone; physicians, techs, nurses, circulators, etc., in essence, the entire support team in Interventional Fluoro cases, should be wearing leaded glasses to protect their eyes from the dangers of powerful radiation emitted during these important diagnostic, explorative, and corrective procedures. Medical literature clearly supports that you should protect your eyes with radiation safety glasses, just as you would protect your body and thyroid during Interventional Fluoroscopy procedures, with a leaded apron, and a leaded thyroid shield.

What are the important factors to consider when buying leaded glasses for yourself as an individual? Certainly, the frame that holds the leaded lenses in place is very important. The frame should be both comfortable and efficient. If the frame is too small, or too big on your face, it may not provide the proper protection that you are seeking, due to poor facial coverage. The lenses need to cover your eyes to get the benefit that leaded glasses intended, and that intention is to protect your eyes from radiation that can damage the human eye during Interventional procedures, (as medical literature has
long reported). As was reported in the 2004 E-abstract, “Cataract in Interventional Radiology – an Occupational Hazard?”, by A.K. Junk, Z. Haskal, and B.V. Worgul (out takes, Et al):

  1. Radiation cataracts represent an occupational hazard among interventional radiologists.
  2. Their results showed that of the fifty-nine (59) men and women that were examined, twenty-two (22) individuals showed small paracentral dot-like opacities in the posterior subcapsular region of the lens, consistent with early signs of radiation damage.
  3. The conclusion was that compliance with the use of protective eyewear (leaded eyewear in this case)…. appears to reduce the risk.

As a leading manufacturer of leaded glasses, AttenuTech® has a wide variety of frames, that offer many options in terms of fit, feel, anti-fog lenses, and color choices, in addition to efficiency in blocking and attenuating radiation. Within the MicroLite® radiation protective eyewear offering, you will also find frames that provide, “lateral side protection”, which helps to block radiation that may be coming from different lateral and side angles. In addition to the MicroLite® frame line, and another in-house frame selections, AttenuTech® can also provide designer frame choices such as Nike® leaded glasses, which are very popular, attractive, and effective in blocking and attenuating radiation.

Please visit, to review our offering of leaded glasses. You may also, email, or contact AttenuTech® directly at 1-800-757-2703, for assistance in selecting the right leaded glasses for Interventional fluoroscopy procedures.

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