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Attenutech’s Lead Apron Cleaners Collection Review

At Attenutech, we are a company that provides the best radiation protection in high-risk surgical environments. This means taking out customers and their patient’s safety seriously. This is why our seasoned customer care team has rigorous training to understand the best gear in the industry. With our specific expertise in radiation safety, our team educates themselves on the best lead glasses and lead aprons on the market. However, it is also important that we give our Attenutech consumers the ability to properly care for and store their lead aprons. Attenutech has a collection of storage solutions, and are also proud to offer our new line of apron cleaning solutions.

In fact, Attenutech is happy to offer several new cleaning solutions for lead aprons. Attenutech’s commitment to providing x-ray protection for men and women has naturally made it important to have proper cleaning options. In fact, Attenutech encourages their lead aprons to be clean after every single use. These cleaners by Clorox and Revolution are by Attenutech’s team of radiation protection experts. With the mission to provide the best solutions available for cleaning your radiation protection, all of the options we provide are high-quality sanitation solutions. While shopping Attenutech’s lead apron cleaning solutions collection, you have the benefit of assistance from their growing team of trained and experienced manufacturing professionals.

Therefore, the carefully selected lead apron cleaning agents Attenutech carries are by Clorox and Revolution. These are certainly cleaning solutions that Attenutech has put their trust in, so we have put them to the test with this comprehensive review. The revolution product is Scrubbles and works by cleaning the apron in segments. This is the gentler, more quick option as it just requires you to gently clean the apron in sections and rinse. The Revolution Scrubbles apron cleaner is the first and only cleaning solution developed specifically for aprons. This is obvious when using the solution as it works perfectly with the material of the apron.

Our team applies the Scrubbles on one section of apron at a time and allows it to stand for a few minutes to saturate the dirty areas. Next, we scrub the area with a soft brush. After washing the cleaning solution away, we are happy to report that the dirt and debris are completely gone. This is definitely an excellent choice for medical staff looking to give their lead radiation aprons a deep clean.

However, the Clorox cleaning agent Attenutech has chosen is called Clorox HealthcareTM Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant. This is also an excellent option for those looking to clean their lead aprons or any radiation gear. It is a prime choice for those that use lead radiation aprons in operating room segments. It is a hospital grade cleaning solution built to fight tough stains and bacteria. This is the highly professional sanitation choice. It instantly removed dirt and stains when tested by our team. Additionally, it is available in both a spray and a wipe form. This is extremely useful for both deep cleans and quick clean ups.

Attenutech provides the cleaner in both of these forms. To clean the apron with the Clorox solution, simply spot clean the apron carefully with a damp cloth and the Clorox disinfectant spray or wipe. If there is staining or debris that needs more vigorous scrubbing to clean, use gentle tools such as a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Therefore, after full review and testing, Attenutech’s expert line of lead apron cleaning solutions provided 100% excellent results. Stains are removed instantly and thoroughly when the solution is used. Additionally, the solutions are provided in different forms, which is perfect for many different customer segments. Check out Attenutech’s line of lead apron cleaning solutions today!

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