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The Best Anti-Fog Safety Glasses for Nurses

At Attenutech, we commit ourselves to providing optimal medical protective gear for medical personnel. Doctors, nurses, and patient techs can rest assured with Attenutech. If you’re looking for state-of-the-art radiation equipment and protective gear, is the place for you. Attenutech is an online retailer that prides itself on providing consumers high quality radiation protective equipment and PPE. It rules the online segment for radiation equipment for a reason, with a wealth of dedicated returning customers. Men and women alike purchase lead aprons, radiation safety glasses, lead thyroid shields, laser safety glasses, lead shields, and more from Attenutech. In fact, this is especially true for nurses.

Nurses dedicate their careers to the health and well-being of others. Of course, these healthcare heroes deserve the best protection for being the ones to put their lives on the line to keep us healthy. Attenutech is proud to carry a line of medical safety glasses for men and women in all segments. They deserve the very best personal protective equipment available. In fact, safety glasses benefit nurses in many ways. There is a wealth of hazards in their work environments such as debris, fluids, and more. It is important that they are protected and prepared for any instance. No day is the same as a nurse, and Attenutech wants to make sure they are safe in the office or at the hospital.

One of the biggest safety risks nurses can experience with their glasses is lens fogging. Humidity can fog up medical professionals’ glasses and cause them to not be able to see. It is highly important to have a great anti-fog coating when you are a nurse that needs to work with masks at all times. Nurses have especially found this to be true during the Covid 19 pandemic. However, Attenutech is happy to be able to eliminate this worry for nurses with their anti-fog coating. The anti-fog coating protects against fogging all day long. Regardless of the humidity level, Attenutech’s anti-fog coating ensures that your glasses won’t fog and block your vision.

At Attenutech, you can add anti-fog coating to almost any pair of safety glasses. Attenutech loves being able to provide this unique customization process to medical workers from all segments. Simply head to and browse until you find your favorite pair of frames. Then, click the blue “select lenses” button. Finally, you are taken through the easy process of customizing your Attenutech glasses, including choosing the anti-fog coating. The process is easy, and your glasses are at your door in about a week. Read on to discover some of our favorite picks for anti-fog coating on glasses for nurses!

Medical Prescription Safety Glasses RX-20020

These Medical Prescription Safety Glasses have the ANSI Z87+ approval for high velocity impact protection. They are great for nurses because they are high prescription available safety glasses. These lightweight medical safety glasses are rectangular with integrated side shields for additional protection. Plus, the RX-20020 safety glasses with prescription are made from TR-90 nylon and have rubberized temple bars for a comfortable fit. This makes them lightweight and perfect for nurses to wear all day long on their shifts.  

Medical Prescription Safety Glasses T9559

These glasses come in four unique colors and are perfect for nurses to use to express themselves while on the job. They are one of our most popular safety glasses. In fact, the T9559 medical safety glasses have silicone nose pads, rubberized temple bars, and removable foam support on top of the glasses for a comfortable fit. This makes these glasses durable enough for nurses in tough environments to wear all day.

Medical Prescription Safety Glasses T9538S

These glasses are a favorite among nurses for their durability and classic look. They easily transition into everyday life after leaving the hospital or medical facility. The T9538s medical safety glasses feature removable side shields for additional protection and comfort. This is excellent for long 12-hour shifts that many nurses endure. Also, they are great for any medical environment. The T9538S is available in black, clear, and brown.

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