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The 5 Best Styles for Prescription Radiation Safety Glasses

Attenutech is a company that strives to provide optimum eye protection for those that work in radiation involved environments. In fact, Attenutech provides Lead Glasses to workers that deal with optical exposure to different types of radiation. Workers that can benefit from radiation eyewear include x-ray machine operators, fluoroscopy units, radioisotopes and more. Also, those that deal with radiation as part of their professions know the principles to protect yourself against radiation. It is Attenutech’s belief that the most basic of these principles is direct coverage from exposure to radiation. Therefore, it is the company’s mission to provide excellent optical radiation protection.

In addition, Attenutech is an excellent company that prides itself on its ability to offer the highest quality radiation safety glasses available. When considering radiation glasses from Attenutech, it is important to consider the radiation lenses and protection that they provide. In fact, Attenutech radiation eyewear is CE Certified to the highest quality standards in the industry.  AttenuTech uses Schott SF-6 radiation lenses. These lenses are high-light transmission lenses that contain 0.75mmLE (lead equivalency). This negates the impact of radiation and protects your vision. Radiation Safety Glasses manufactured with SF-6 radiation lenses help assure the quality, performance, and protection of the customers eyesight.

At Attenutech, we believe that the best way to find radiation safety glasses is to find the balance between the weight of the frame and the quality of the radiation reducing lenses. Because of the added high-quality radiation protection, the lenses on all quality radiation glasses are heavier than the normal lenses on prescription glasses. This is why AttenuTech provides durable yet lightweight frames to pair with these high-quality radiation lenses. Attenutech carries the perfect radiation glasses that are durable and comfortable. Read on to discover five of these excellent frames for men and women recommended by the customer care team at Attenutech!

Radiation Safety Glasses Model 15011

This is one of our top picks for those that need prescription radiation safety glasses. These high-quality radiation glasses have TR-90 nylon frames, which assures durability. In addition, it comes equipped with integrated side shields, and is great for all kinds of work. Additionally, these stylish glasses come in 5 different colors, making them fun to wear even outside of work! This means you have complete protection at all times! Plus, the radiation reducing lenses are distortion free SF-6 Schott glass lenses and offer a protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency.

Nike Brazen Radiation Glasses

The Nike Radiation Glasses Brazen, is a plastic rectangular wrap around frame with prescription available. This Nike Brazen frame is one of the best sellers and the favorite for the medical community. The Nike Brazen glasses are also excellent choices for both men and women alike. Their Unisex, classic shape makes them a top choice for style and protection. Attenutech’s team is happy to offer Nike Brazen glasses that provide excellent scatter radiation protection.  The team is there to reassure you that your Nike Brazen glasses will have the industry standard protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency.

Nike 7125 Radiation Glasses

The Nike 7125 glasses are highly modern and trendy while still providing the perfect amount of support and radiation protection for medical workers. They are a rectangular, classically shaped pair of frames made of high-quality TR-90 nylon and adhering to industry standard radiation protections. Additionally, they are available in many colors which allows workers to add their own unique touch to their look. These glasses are highly protective against the negative effects of radiation.

Radiation Safety Glasses T9559

The Attenutech T9559 radiation protection glasses are another pair of radiation glasses that are sold with pride. Also, they are made of high-quality TR-90 nylon for durability in any application or segment. This makes them tough enough to hold up in any situation in the medical radiation segment. They are extremely lightweight and come in a variety of colors such as black, pink, teal, and neon green. The Lead Glasses sold by Attenutech are among the most popular Radiation Safety Glasses on the market today for men and women.

Radiation Safety Glasses Model 703

If you’re looking for the added protection of a pair of wrap-around style safety radiation glasses, look no further than Attenutech’s Model 703. These high-quality radiation leaded glasses are lightweight made of TR-90 nylon. Plus, the radiation reducing lenses are made from distortion free SF-6 Schott glass lenses and offer a protection level of .75mm Pb lead equivalency. They are available in three versatile colors and are perfect for both men and women in any segment with radiation exposure.

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