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Where to buy PPE Medical Safety Glasses with Prescription Available

Medical staff know the importance of wearing proper PPE. This is especially true when it comes to medical safety glasses. At Attenutech, we are proud to offer our medical staff customers with medical PPE glasses that have prescription available. If you are medical staff looking for the best safety equipment, you may already be familiar with Attenutech. Attenutech is a company whose mission is to dedicate itself to excellence in radiation safety equipment and medical PPE. 

In addition to protection against radiation, Attenutech also carries a curated line of PPE medical safety glasses. This includes a line of high rated medical safety glasses. This is a small, carefully curated line of prescription safety glasses. Attenutech carefully selects these glasses because they are best for medical segments. With the option for prescription available, men and women in medical settings and environments can feel safe and protected while they work. This PPE protects against irritants and chemicals that are present in medical segments including hospitals, doctors’ offices, or labs. Access to this level of protection helps to put medical workers minds at ease and allows them to focus on their jobs.

At Attenutech, we take the importance of using safety glasses during medical procedures extremely seriously. In fact, Attenutech offers customers a wide range of medical safety glasses with and without prescription, to best fit the customer’s needs.  Also, our medical safety PPE glasses are high-quality materials. We have a wide range of lens materials, colors and coatings also available at affordable prices. Read on for a review of three of the best rated medical prescription safety glasses for men and women that Attenutech carries. These glasses are best sellers for those that work in medical segments and need reliable and protective PPE.

Medical Prescription Safety Glasses T9538S

The T9538S medical safety glasses are one of the most lightweight and comfortable options by Attenutech. These glasses are perfect for the medical staff worker looking for their glasses to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible. These square glasses are rectangular and stylish in three color schemes. These safety glasses are prescription available and also feature removable side shields for additional protection and comfort. They provide all day comfort and protection while you work with ANSI certification.

Medical Prescription Safety Glasses Q368

The Q368 prescription safety glasses by Attenutech are a great ANSI Z87 rated option for those who prefer a sportier frame. This is a prescription safety wrap around frame, which is excellent for doctors and nurses alike. This Attenutech best seller is manufactured with TR-90 Nylon. This means it is impact and chemical resistant. Also, this extremely durable prescription safety glasses Q368 is available in a stylish black/blue color. 

Medical Prescription Safety Glasses X26

Attenutech is proud to carry the RX-X26 safety glasses. These prescription safety glasses have side shields for added protection and it is lightweight and durable, once it is made from TR-90 Nylon. These glasses are a favorite of all workers in medical and patient care segments. 

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